Evergreen – Ethical Insurance & Friend of PlayforStrays

PlayforStrays is delighted to be a friend and partner of Evergreen Insurance.

An Ethical Insurance company, they will giveback part of the commission from every insurance premium we’re nominated for.

Follow the link and give the guys at Evergreen Insurance a call, or fill in the form and request a callback.

Don’t forget to ask for PlayforStrays to be the beneficiary.


Disclaimer:  PlayforStrays can not and will not:  1) Offer any insurance advice, in any capacity. 2) Advise, sell or make any recommendation of a particular policy or insurer. 3) Collect premiums. 4) Complete or help the customer to complete a proposal for insurance or collect information. 5) Be an Appointed Representative or an Organisation Appointed Representative of Evergreen

Further disclaimer:  Negrita has been insured by Evergreen Insurance since her arrival to the UK in April 2018.  There is no financial incentive for this relationship whatsoever and any and all donations paid to PlayforStrays from Evergreen Insurance is for charitable reasons only.